Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Bloom Day (One Day Late)

Blooming in my central Mississippi garden:
  • Bridal wreath spirea, "Eleanor Tabor" Indian hawthorn, and azaleas are winding down their blooms
  • Knockout roses
  • Homestead purple verbena
  • Iris
  • H.F. Young, Henryii, and Franziska Marie clematis
  • Catmint "Walker's Low"
  • Pansies


Dirt Princess said...

Looks great! I love the teacup in the irises

Leah Maria said...

I love all the color!

Ginger said...

Oh Lisa, how beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE the two color clematis together. They look so lush! I want some!

Casey said...

I can see you writing a book one day! I've never heard of all those flowers but they sure are pretty!

My mom said she was driving by your house in Oxford one day and saw you working in your flower bed. That sounded about right!

Corinne said...

Must have Clematis.

Lisa Blair said...

Dirt Princess, I love that little teacup, too. Nothing like a little folk art to give the garden personality!

Ginger and Corinne, y'all need to get a clematis vine. They are so pretty and when you plant in the right spot, are prolific bloomers. Go for it!

Casey, that's pretty funny. If I go a weekend without digging in the dirt, I feel like I'm missing out on something.