Thursday, April 09, 2009

H. F. Young Clematis Blooms

My newest clematis has four beautiful blooms. Here is H. F. Young, aka Horace Young.

Height: 6-8 ft.
Spacing: 36-48 in.
Hardiness: USDA Zone 4a to Zone 9b
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Shape: Single
Bloom Diameter: Large - 6 to 8 inches (12 to 20 cm)
Bloom Time: Late Spring - Early Summer
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade
Pruning Groups: Group 2 - Repeat bloomers; prune immediately after flowering


sm2 said...

I hope my clematis comes back this year! so beautiful!

Leah Maria said...


Sande said...

Clematis are beautiful. I have a few around on my fences. The one you have in bloom right now is my favorite color for clematis.

Connie said...

Gorgeous color! This clematis has been on my wish list for a couple of years, so maybe this year?

Lisa Blair said...

I love this color, too! I am in love with purples. I have lots of purple in my garden, but not many of these light blue/purple hues.

Connie, I say go for it! I planted this particular vine in late summer last year. I did not expect blooms this year at all, so I was quite surprised that I have at least four gorgeous blooms.

Ginger said...

Beautiful color, and beautiful photos! I don't have a clematis but totally want one. Or a few :)

I'd like to grow them on the sunnier parts of our chain-link fence.

In The Garden said...

I also added an HF Young this year, and it currently has 4 stunning blooms. I wasn't expecting any flowers this year, and am pleasantly suprised. After doing some research, I discovered that it blooms profusely in the spring, with double flowers, then again lightly in the late summer/fall with single blooms. I love it, and hope I can figure out this Group B pruning thing to keep it vigorous and healthy. :)