Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Morning

My little garden in suburban Mississippi is coming to life. We've had a late spring. The azaleas, phlox, spirea, and confederate jasmine are just now blooming. I took a walk around my garden this morning and took photos of the flowers and foliage waking up to spring. Happy Easter!
Corner bed filled with perennials. Because we had such a hard freeze this winter, the verbena did not come back. I am missing their pretty cascading blooms.

Gladiolus (gladioli?) popping up. These are passalongs from Grandma. I received even more this spring.


Ginger said...

Hmmm that spirea up close looks NOTHING like my spirea.... How odd!

My jessamine isn't blooming this year for some strange reason. I wonder if it's in too mcuh shade, or if it's just taking some time to adjust to its new home. It has lots of healthy looking new growth.

Your yard is looking great!!

Lisa Blair said...

I was looking on Dave's Garden, and I think mine might be a Van Houtte Spiraea instead of Bridal Wreath. Is yours a Bridal Wreath?

Casey said...

what a great way to start the day, getting a glimpse at new growth from your perennials! Just today I saw the tiniest little leaves emerging from the lantus that was stepped on and disappeared before we even moved in back in November. I was so excited! Call me anytime about flights. I can work my schedule around you to pick you up from the airport. Which days are you flying?