Friday, April 30, 2010

More Clematis Blooms

Last week I posted the gorgeous blooms of H.F. Young clematis. I really can't believe I bought that lovely plant on sale at Home Depot. I hope it continues to thrive on the pool pump fence.

This week my two other clematis vines are blooming. These vines are Franziska Marie (purple) and Henryi (white). I have them growing on a black iron obelisk-like trellis. You can hardly see the trellis anymore! These two vines were very slow growing the first few years. I bought them to hide the ugly kitchen range vent pipe.

I first planted them in 2006, and they were just a few feet tall by the end of the growing season that year. Last year the vines finally produced lots of pretty blooms. And now this year! Wow! The vines are huge.

They say clematis like their feet in the shade and their shoulders in the sun. If that is the case, then H.F. Young is in exactly the right spot. The other two - not so much. Those vines get around two to three hours of sun in the afternoon, and that's about it. Maybe that explains why H.F. Young took off so quickly, while the other two were very slow to develop.

Either way, I'm happy with the placement of these vines, and I'm happy that Henryi and Franziska Marie have finally grown so large.

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Ginger said...

Beautiful photos! I just planted a couple tiny clematis last year and three more fairly small ones this year. Can't wait for them to look like yours!