Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Irises in the Evening Light

This is probably my last iris post for a while. I don't want to bore y'all with photos of the same plants over and over. I am so happy with this part of my garden this year. It seems that after four years of trial and error, this area is finally looks how I always knew it could. I took these photos as the sun was going down, from 5:40 pm to about 6:20 pm.

I turned the compost pile yesterday evening and harvested over 15 gallons of gorgeous, black compost. I've already used about 5 gallons of it on my veggies. I plan to give some to my mom to supplement the clay-heavy soil in her vegetable garden. I'll find plenty of uses for the rest of it, I'm sure!


Leah Maria said...

Love the irises! I cannot wait to plant more this fall, I have 2 that I brought already green that have started to bloom; which I need to get planted at some point.

Dirt Princess said...

They are gorgeous! Every iris I have has come from my grandmas place, or I have found them at old home places, so I never know what they are until they bloom. Thus far they have all been white or off white! I am holding out for a purple! LOL!